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subtle space

Design & Health

By approximating design and health we can understand space as an imprint of subtle energies that are constantly in flux.

The analysis of space in close connection to individual and collective transformation helps to more efficiently reset habits and routines by altering movement, acts, memories and patterns.

subtle space is an imaginative and intuitive design practice that brings together subtle and physical realities to support processes of change.

In partnership with Element Natural Healing Arts



Architecture carries a paradox of endurance. Spaces (encompassing both the natural and the built environment) outlive the cycle of a lifetime. Yet spaces frequently do not survive the changes of cycles within a lifetime. To each inner flux corresponds and outer flux. We are used to considering the physical body itself as the link between our ethereal existence (the conceived life of consciousness, feelings, intuition, and divinity) and the material world. Space can be seen as an extension of the physical body, housing a similar complexity of subtle spheres. It ties directly to nature, as it receives and distributes the energy of the sun (and other planetary bodies), earth, water, and wind. It also distributes energy from each human body and bodies of other species. It is that which stands between and unites individuals at a given moment in time. The air that one breathes is the same air the other one breathes. Space flows that way. Despite the ties of value (and “real” state), space is common. It is shared. Even when in solitude, an inhabited space cannot avoid resting on the continuity of earth’s surface, on the unviolated line of the horizon. 

Because space outlives time, it approximates us to a series of visible and invisible legacies of times past. It is the across-time of society. In this sense, we enter space with a sense of humility. We walk into shelters of our present without the assumption of having lived there before or being there in the future. And that is true even to places in which we may spend an entire lifetime. As much as we may wish to remain, we cannot. We can only pass. 

How can beauty be inclusive and in flux to support our mind and body cycles? Subtle space works beyond the function of sustenance and shelter of the physical body to achieve healthy, nourishing beauty in our surroundings.

It is known to many subtle body therapists that when a patient returns to an environment that is dense with an energy that is trying to be overcome the therapeutic process gets hindered. Therefore, the alignment of space to our habits, or to habits we need to incorporate, is a key component of individual or collective transformation.  

How can a change in space help us change patterns and create new routines that may be more supportive of our current or aspired state? And how can these changes be accessible? 

Subtle space seeks to answer these questions by working closely with individuals or groups across 3 main stages: assessment, design and realization.

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