Ecological Urbanism

Harvard Graduate School of Design Exhibition 

Centro Cultural São Paulo . Oct.14th - Nov. 9th 2014
Arquivo Histórico da Cidade de São Paulo . July 07th - Oct. 7th 2015

Universidade Positivo. Curitiba. April 27thst - July 15th, 2016.

The Ecological Urbanism Exhibition is a project by Harvard Graduate School of Design and is curated by Prof. Gareth Doherty, co-editor of the book Ecological Urbanism. The original design is a reproduction of the entire book. Modular elements with large scale prints of the pages of the book were arranged in different configurations in public spaces in Kuwait, Chile and São Paulo. In São Paulo, we have fabricated and installed it at the Centro Cultural São Paulo in 2014 and at Arquivo Histórico da Cidade de São Paulo in 2015. The opening of the exhibitions was combined with a Symposium in which designers and thinkers have gathered to discuss some of the theoretical platforms presented by the publication. The pages of the book were printed in water-resistant fabric to withstand outdoor environments. At Arquivo Histórico, the installation of the exhibition marks the opening of the building to the square in front by the removal of the existing fence. The removal of the fence is still in progress and its material will be transformed into urban furniture by the designer Marko Brajovic. In this case, concrete supports were designed to secure the metal structures on the ground. 

Ecological Urbanism Symposium Video

Exhibition Design: Harvard Graduate School of Design
Fabrication and Implementation: Marina Correia 
Curated by: Gareth Doherty.
Fabricated by Haz Gráfica, Girometal and Rubens Azevedo.
Photos by: Claudia Kim, Marina Correia, Rubens Azevedo and Marco Charnesck 

Sponsors: Harvard University DRCLAS, Cidades Sustentáveis, GG Brasil, Prefeitura de São Paulo and Universidade Positivo.