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Atelier Gloria
Interior renovation - commercial space
w/ Angelo Bucci
Rua do Russell, 344-E. Gloria, Rio de Janeiro. 
Concept Design > Construction Documents

The renovation of a compact two-story commercial space started by the relocation of a large water reservoir to expand the ground floor area. Located in a mixed-use building, the commercial space carried an independent system of water retention and distribution. Taking advantage of the generous ceiling height below, a new suspended steel water tank and pump were installed, allowing for a more versatile use of the upstairs space. Existing security steel bars on windows were removed and replaced by new frameless pivot windows in order to clear the view and project a more open connection to the public square outside. The restoration of the existing staircase and removal of its side walls was also important to bring more natural light into the space below. The restoration of the original stairs also allowed for retrieving the original level and finished floor below, which had been landfilled by other commercial occupants in the past. A new steel door replaced the existing glass and steel bars to allow for privacy and security at the ground floor, while still enabling a visual connection between inside and the square outside.

Architecture:Marina Correia and Angelo Bucci. 
Photos: Atelier Arq.

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