Lina em Casa: Percursos 

Exhibition Design
Casa de Vidro - Instituto Lina Bo e P.M. Bardi
April 12th - July 19th, 2015

The design of the Exhibition Lina em Casa: Percursos (Lina at Home: Journeys) was developed with the intention to preserve the spatial experience and the unique atmosphere of Casa de Vidro. Understanding the House as the visitor´s major object of interest and legacy of the architect to be perceived, the organization of the exhibition stands avoids creating spatial subdivisions that could generate an overlap of architectures.The organization of exhibition stands is free, allowing for various non-linear paths along the exhibition´s content. The round steel structure searches in its minimal materiality to maintain transparency, in such a way that the stands would not become visual interruptions. Two typical forms define the modular composition. The first module is a cube. The second, vertical one, has the frontal dimension of a door, detaching from the window frame height, and minimal depth to maintain free-standing stability. Within the structural frame, acrylic boxes and panels are suspended. In them, original drawings, documents, photographs, objects and text alternate. The modular stands can be disassembled, stored and rearranged for future exhibitions. This exhibition marks the re-opening of Casa de Vidro to the public, possibly as the first of many other events and exhibitions that will reveal to the public the great archive of the architect, currently stored in the House. The valuable legacy in exhibition design by Lina Bo Bardi is challenging to address in the proposition of an installation in her own home. The design proposed doesn’t attempt to mimic strategies, but searched to find in the House itself the suggestion of a design concept, respecting the architectural language already present, highlighting it without obstructing its perception.The exhibition content, curated by Anna Carboncini and Renato Anelli, was developed parallel to the design concept. Lina em Casa: Percursos gathers texts, photographs, documents, sketches, letters and objects that present the intellectual trajectory of Lina Bo Bardi. It is part of an initiative by the Instituto Lina e P.M. Bardi in celebration of the architect´s birth centennial.

Exhibition Architecture: Marina Correia
Client: Instituto Lina e P.M. Bardi
Exhibition Title: “Lina em Casa: Percursos” 
Location: Casa de Vidro, Rua General Almério de Moura, 200. São Paulo - SP, Brazil. 
Curators: Anna Carboncini e Renato Anelli
Organization: in.vertice comunicação e arte
Graphic Design: Luciana Facchini
Production: TZM Entretenimento
Scenography and Construction: Estúdio Móbile Cenografia e Design
Photos by: Claudia Kim, Marina Correia and Renato Anelli