Lea Lublin Retrospective

Exhibition Design
Lenbachhaus . Munich . Germany
25.06 - 13.09. 2015

The Lea Lublin Retrospective exhibition is the largest exhibition about the artist ever assembled. Lublin navigated through different art mediums: paintings, sculpture, performances, installations and environments. The greatest challenge of the exhibition architecture was the reconstruction of Lublin’s Fluvio Subtunal, an environment which she created in Santa Fe, Argentina, in the 1960’s and later reproduced in Colombia. Kunstbau, the gallery of Lenbachhaus, was designed over a subway platform, of independent underground access. The exhibition architecture had as a main goal to highlight the distinct proportion of this space, by creating unobstructed views of the 100m long gallery. The design presents a wall system of steel which develops into 4 wall types. They never touch existing walls and columns. The reconstruction of Lublin’s Fluvio Subtunaland the restoration of her artwork represented a big economic challenge to the public institution hosting the exhibition. The wall system was designed to match the costs of the typical white museum walls usually built for all exhibitions. The exhibition architecture and experience of Lublin’s artwork was developed with the curator Stephanie Weber. 

Institution: Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München
Curated by: Stephanie Weber
Collaborator: Tyler Souza
Photos: Marina Correia and Lenbachhaus