Parque Natural Municipal Jardim Jurema

São João do Meriti, Rio de Janeiro . 2015
In partnership with Fabiana Araújo - Fábrica Arquitetura

São João do Meriti is a municipality located one hour north from the center of Rio de Janeiro. It is a continuously built urban landscape with very few interruptions and scarce green areas. Funbio, the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund, has assisted the City Hall in developing a project for its only atlantic forest reserve, the Jardim Jurema Park. 
The project consists of one visitor and administration center and two viewing areas, part of existing trail paths. We have incorporated into this initial program the square outside the park (which is has a small soccer field and already functions and a recreation area) and a new square for recreation between the new central building and the viewing areas. 
The new visitor and administration center is one compact building, housing the new uses envisioned by the City Hall: a small auditorium, administration, reception and staff lodging. The location of the new center is at the same area currently occupied by two small buildings. We have attempted to preserve all vegetation, designing with the existing topography. 
The new center can be understood as 4 small buildings connected by a continuous landscape and unified by a light-weight roof. The geometry below follows the landscape and the location of the existing vegetation. The geometry above frames this landscape with orthogonal lines. The four buildings are rectangles defined by two structural stone walls, which form an “L” to receive the roof structure. A strict rule of modulation of openings was followed in order to maintain an “off-the-shelf” design budget. The 4 buildings are designed with two door types and two window types. 

Client: Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio)
Architects: Fabiana Araújo (Fábrica Arquitetura) and Marina Correia
Collaborator: Tyler Souza
Structural Engineer: Armando Mendes
MEP: Eduardo Junqueira
Cost Estimation: MP Studio de Orçamentos de Obras
Built Area: 400 M2
Area of Urbanisation (Squares and Viewing Platforms): 1,692.40 M2
Photos by: Marina Correia