Casa do Músico

Rua Haddock Lobo, 104-110, Estácio. Rio de Janeiro - RJ


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Casa do Músico is engaged in the development of social activities and is governed by principles that link culture and social assistance, promoting the democratization of access to music, by a true affirmative action. Established as an organization dedicated to the protection of our historic and musical heritage, it is envisioned as a new cultural identity hub for Brazil, acting in defense of the right to musical creation and artistic production, providing dignity and recognition within the social and cultural universe of music professionals, our composers, lyricists, instrumentalists, arrangers, conductors and singers. 

Two major modules make up the structure of the project. The first one is an educational and cultural engagement: training, production, communication, music creation and archiving. The second one is a social segment: assisted living and protection of civil rights. The combination of these two components will also help expand professional opportunities and labor in all segments related to music.