Coletivo Casa do Músico is an initiative organized by Marina Correia since 2016. 

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The project was conceived by the current president of the organization, Teófilo Pereira Lima, drummer, producer and Brazilian composer. The curatorial council is composed by: Alcione, Celia Vaz, Ivan Lins, Leo Gandelman, Marcelo Martins, Roberto Frejat, Sandra de Sá e Wagner Tiso.


A Cultural, Educational and Social Mission


* Preservation of Brazilian cultural identity, memory and musical heritage.

* Protection and assistance of elderly musicians.

* Education of children and youth in socially vulnerable conditions.

* Promotion of an inclusive music culture through social entenprises with minority groups, with special attention to women musicians.


Coletivo Casa do Músico


The Casa do Músico Collaborative is an initiative in support of the achievement of Casa do Músico's objectives. The group was established in 2016 by Marina Correia. We are grateful to have counted on the creative participation of professionals from different fields:


Andre Andrade - Sustainability consultant, 2018. 

Talitha Dalacosta - Audio visual production, 2018.

Liliana Magalhães - Planning and implementation strategy, Occupation Project, 2017.  

Carla Juaçaba - Architecture, Occupation Project, 2016/17.

Marco Brito - Musician, 2017.

Ana Marini - Logo Design, 2016. 

Felipe Fernandes - Communication, Arts and Publicity, 2016. 

Leda Kobayashi - Legal Permit Consultant, 2016.

Thais Nicodemo - Musician and Researcher, since 2016.


Marina Correia - Architecture, communication, planning and organization. Since 2016. 




Casa do Músico is engaged in the development of social activities and is governed by principles that link culture and social assistance, promoting the democratization of access to music, by a true affirmative action. Established as an organization dedicated to the protection of our historic and music heritage, it is envisioned as a new cultural identity hub for Brazil, acting in defense of the right to musical creation and artistic production, providing dignity and recognition within the social and cultural universe of music professionals, our composers, lyricists, instrumentalists, arrangers, conductors and singers.


By promoting courses, workshops, events, concerts, meetings and debates in the musical scene, within a wide range of artistic expressions, it promotes the use of a strong existing musical culture to bridge different segments of society, forming new audiences and seeking interfaces with the other arts and technologies. Carrying out the purposes listed in its statute, Casa do Músico promotes the integration and the dialogue among experienced musicians and beginners in the art of music, providing simultaneously a fruitful activity to those who, by age, could be out of the labor market, as well as an opportunity to those who lack orientation, improvement and vehicles to develop their musical skills to be able to initiate a professional practice.


Teo Lima has performed since the early 70s with many famous artists in the national and international scene, such as Antonio Adolfo, Ivan Lins, Edu Lobo, Gal Costa, Elis Regina, Djavan, Gilberto Gil, Stevie Wonder, Ernie Watts, Dionne Warwick and many others of equal prestige. In the active pursuit of building Casa do Músico, Teo Lima has counted on the support of several Brazilian musicians and collaborators who joined the founding team of this entity.


Curatorial Council: Alcione, Celia Vaz, Ivan Lins, Leo Gandelman, Marcelo Martins, Roberto Frejat, Sandra de Sá e Wagner Tiso.


Founders: Alcione . Ana Terra . Araripê Silva . Bernardo Bessler . Celia Vaz . Da Ghama . Fernando Pereira . Flavio Oliveira do Salgueiro . Hudson Almado . Ivan Lins . Juliana Caymmi . Leo Borges . Leo Gandelman . Leonardo Bruno . Luiz Hack . Marcelo Martins . Marcio Mallard . Maria Cândida . Martinália . Patricia Vilches . Roberto Frejat . Sandra de Sá . Teo Lima . Theo Zagrae . Wagner Tiso