Residential Apartment Renovation
2013 - 2014 São Paulo

The design reveals the existing clear structure of the building, of shear walls and long spans, integrating kitchen, living and office rooms. A soft gray demarcates all structural walls throughout the apartment and a portion of the concrete slab that used to be hidden by a dropped ceiling is revealed as an inner skylight. The new cabinetry was designed for the lowest cost, without drawers or doors in the kitchen. Bathroom and kitchen sinks are not objects, but large wet surfaces which accommodate different uses. They follow the modulation of slate tiles which were left over from the bathroom walls. This large wet surface was intended to hide dirty and drying dishes below counter height, making the usual kitchen mess less visible from the open space. The existing bedroom is open at both ends, allowing for constant moving, eliminating the dead-end room which bedrooms usually are. This new bedroom opening by the window also allows for a continuous view outside, which amplifies the interior space. 

Built by: Alex Duarte