Alameda Casa Branca

Residential Apartment Renovation 
São Paulo, Brazil. 
October 2014 - April 2015

The main goal of the renovation was to bring the only direct sunlight, which originally entered the apartment through the laundry area, into the main space. Located on the 4th floor of a dense and vertical neighbourhood in São Paulo, jardins, the apartment was dark and it’s interior fragmented. The new floorplan converted the kitchen into a central gathering space, around which everything happens. The existing structure creates static boundaries, which we attempted to transgress by removing and enlarging some openings to integrate the central room with the living room and kitchen. This central room works as a practice room for a pianist, which can be closed or left open, and accommodates a piano and a keyboard. A small room, originally used as maid’s room, is now a smaller practice room for the clarinetist, erasing the social x service characterisation of spaces, still typical in Brazilian residential design. 

Built by: Alex Duarte
Collaborator: Fernando Lage 
Photos by Claudia Kim, Maria Birba and Marina Correia.